XVI Festival Latinoamericano de Música, Day 4

On Saturday 29 May the concert was shared by a very young vocal ensemble, Aequalis Aurea, and the young violinist Iván Pérez and his pianist Goulnara Galimchina. The little choir showed plenty of evidence of having been drilled to distraction by their obviously talented conductor, Ana María Raga, although they still preserve an endearing freshness in their performance.
Gerardo Gerulewicz’s Tarén for violin and piano was charmingly introduced by the composer, listing the titles of the four miniatures. Tarén being a kind of incantation, each movement indicated a specific purpose for the ritual; the second was ‘Tarén for going away when you are a newborn’s father’ and the last was ‘Tarén for scaring mosquitoes away’.  
The violin and piano duo displayed their talents to the full with their encore: Ginastera’s Pampeana No. 1.